Curso R

Campus Party 2016 in the Jaarbeurs, 25 – 29 May, 2016

Thursday 26th May: 17:00 – 20:00 hrs. location: “Digital Entertainment”  

Friday 27th May: 19:00 – 22:00 hrs. location: “Science”

Interest areas:
Science / Open Source Software

The amount of data in Science is rapidly expanding. In the field of Life Sciences the increase in experimental data can be attributed to the reduction of costs for a number of methods. The costs for sequencing a full genome is a fraction of what it used to be. This leads to an increasing demand for different skills in handling and analyzing the data.

Data Science is the field that specializes in the handling, the development of tools, and the analysis of data. This course will provide a comprehensive introduction in one of the upcoming tools in Data Science: the “R-programming language”.
R is a programming language that was originally developed for handeling complex statistical approaches. Currently, R has expanded to being used in almost all fields of Science. In this workshop you will learn more about R’s possibilities, graphical interfaces, data manipulation packages and statistical applications.

The workshop entails two lessons of three hours of intensive training and practice.
A word of warning: Once you get to know R, your life will never be the same!  

During the workshop you will get hands-on training and practice in R-programming. We will start by installing the necessary software. After installation, you will learn some of the R-basics and how to install additional packages and load data.
Exploring data, cleaning a dataset and generating exploratory graphical representation of a dataset will be step three of the workshop.

On the second day you will get more in-depth information on how to perform statistical analyses. Furthermore, we will introduce the “knitr” package as an important tool for keeping your analyses and code reproducible. R is also a very strong tool for text mining and we will work with a short example to illustrate this.  



– Dr. Els Adriaens, Belgium
– Dr. Marc Teunis, The Netherlands
– Daan Sybrandi, The Netherlands

Guidelines for participants:
Bring your own laptop (Can be Apple or Windows). Linux is also possible but will take more of your own computer skills because none of the moderators are Linux users.
Please ensure that you have full administrator access on your laptop and that you are sure that you have on-site WiFi access, before participating.
This workshop will be a two-day workshop for the same group of people on both days.

Participant limit:

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