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/*Fizz Buzz
Create a class (FizzBuzz) with the following interface:String answer(int number);
The answers should be as follows:If the number is divisible by three, the answer should be “fizz”If the number is divisible by five, the answer should be “buzz”If the number is divisible by both, the answer should be “fizz buzz”Otherwise the answer should be the the number as a string.*/

public function getRemainingPeriodDiscount(Account $account) {     $previousInvoice = $this->getLastInvoice($account);
   $vatDiscountAmount = 0;     $periodStartTimestamp = 0;     $periodEndTimestamp = 0;

   foreach ($previousInvoice->lines->data as $invoiceItems) {         if ($invoiceItems->type === ‘subscription’) {             $periodStartTimestamp = $invoiceItems->period->start;             $periodEndTimestamp = $invoiceItems->period->end;         } else if ($invoiceItems->type === ‘invoiceitem’ && $invoiceItems->metadata->VATDiscount == true) {             $vatDiscountAmount += $invoiceItems->amount;         }     }
   $vatDiscountAmount = abs($vatDiscountAmount);
   $remainingPeriodDiscount = 0;     if ($vatDiscountAmount > 0) {         $remainingPeriodDiscount = $this->calculateVatDiscountForRemainingPeriod(             $vatDiscountAmount,             $periodStartTimestamp,             $periodEndTimestamp         );     }
   return $remainingPeriodDiscount; }
protected function calculateVatDiscountForRemainingPeriod($vatDiscountInCents, $periodStartAsTimestamp, $periodEndAsTimestamp) {     $secondsInPeriod = $periodEndAsTimestamp – $periodStartAsTimestamp;     $secondsRemainingInPeriod = $periodEndAsTimestamp – $this->getCurrentTimeInSeconds();     $vatDiscountUnusedInThisPeriod = ($vatDiscountInCents / $secondsInPeriod) * $secondsRemainingInPeriod;     return $vatDiscountUnusedInThisPeriod; }

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fizz_buzzFizz buzz is a group word game for children to teach them about division.[1]Players take turns to count incrementally, replacing any number divisible by three with the word “fizz”, and any number divisible by five with the word “buzz”.
class fizzbuzz: def counter(kitCounter):   return range(kitCounter)    def setFizz(nCount):     if nCount % 3:     return “fizz”    elif nCount % 5:     return “buzz”    else: return nCount          def __init__(n):   nlist=[]    #Kits counter   nlist.append(counter(n))    for i in nlist:     print setFizz(i)                
def missn(narray): size=len(narray) ideal=range(0,size-1)  for i in ideal:   if i not in narray:     a=i  return a      

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