Adventures in the Oceanic Life of @morganmaassen

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“Curiosity and the unknown are the driving forces of my life. I’m kept up at night by the places I have yet to visit,” says 24-year-old photographer and filmmaker Morgan Maassen (@morganmaassen). Growing up on the California coast in Santa Barbara, the other major influence on Morgan is his love for the ocean. He and his brother were raised on beaches and boats and learned to surf at an early age. “I’ll never forget the feeling of momentum, gliding across the water and feeling so free. Since then, it has become a lifelong passion, and is consistently the catalyst for so many endeavors and adventures.”

Although Morgan left home at age 19 to travel the world with his camera, he now photographs the biggest stars of the surfing industry, so he’s never far from his connections to the sea. “I am always learning from the ocean, and never feel confident in its midst — only curious and aware of it, and trying to move about it as freely as possible.”

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