Invitational Lindy Hop Jack & Jill: The International Lindy Hop Championships

“This will be an invitational social dance competition open to dancers determined by the organizers. Leaders and followers will be randomly drawn to dance together to several songs of varying styles and tempos and judged as a couple as they compete in spotlight format. 

Competitors are not allowed to dance with “regular” partners, (one that they dance and/or have competed with in a choreographed routine in the last 4 years. Team routines do not count). Social dance partners are accepted and will be considered “luck of the draw.” – from ILHC

Mia Goldsmith & Remy Kouakou Kouame

I don’t know how many times I can get away with saying it, but I fucking love Mia. One day we will meet in real life and I will be super awkward, but later when I look back on it, I will think about how cool I played it. But that day has not happened yet. For now, I satisfy myself by just watching all of the videos that I can find and thinking about the day that I will take a private lesson from her. 

And now…back to the dancing. 

As soon as the livestream started for this, I was hoping that Mia and Remy would get paired together. Out of every lead up there, he was who I most wanted to see her dance with! Needless to say, I was extremely happy when the magic of ILHC made my dreams come true. 

If I tried to point out every moment that I liked what Mia and Remy were doing, this post would be wayyyy too long. I can tell you that I love Remy’s sass and his weirdo-left field ideas. Also, he killed it all weekend long at ILHC and he didn’t disappoint here. I feel like when he is dancing, he never just does a move, he really goes for it every time and it’s wonderful. Mia’s dancing just feels like fresh air, I mean…is amazing. Sorry, everybody. I was about to go to some really weird places with that. Honestly though, her dancing is so light and breezy. Her footwork is incredible and speed is never a barrier for her style or technique. She knows exactly how to use the momentum that she and her partners create to enhance and give life to her variations…and it never feels like she is just shoving some variation idea into a place where it doesn’t really fit. I just love it. 

  • 0:05 Warning: Drama kid here. There is a rule in improv that you always say yes to your partner. The idea is that you take what your partner comes up with and you agree with it before adding onto it. You never cut them off and change the subject or tell them that their idea was wrong or bad, even if you aren’t sure what to do with it. I think that’s a really beautiful idea for partner dancing and it is something that I am consistently working on. And getting to he point, Mia has no clue what Remy is doing or going for and maybe she eyes him a little suspiciously when he starts putting their arms in position, but she doesn’t try to change it or back out of it, she just goes with it and it’s weird and adorable. All of my favorite dancers to watch or dance with are really good at this idea. 
  • 0:40 – Balboa time! I feel like people just can’t help but go here whenever they dance with Mia, but Remy puts it in the right place musically and makes it clear that he is making a joke about it. Like…”Hey! Balboa! Doesn’t Mia look ballin’? Wait, this is supposed to be Lindy Hop.”
  • 1:13 – Look at their feet! I really don’t feel like I need to say much about this except that you should see it and it’s super tight and clean…and then Mia double times it without losing any of the technical skill. Damn. 
  • 1:38 – BAM. There is that weird arm position from the beginning again. So fucking smart, Remy. If I had on a hat, I would take it off to you. As it is, you will have to settle for this blog post. 


  1. Maeva Truntzer & Dax Hock
  2. Isabella Gregorio & Thomas Blacharz
  3. Mia Goldsmith & Remy Kouakou Kouame

Score Sheet: 

Find all of the score sheets on the ILHC website. 

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