Man, I really want to know how the meeting went down that decided this was a good idea.

Suit 1: “So we’re releasing an API—”
Suit 2: “—a what?”
Suit 1: “Idk, it’s a thing, a thing that coders can use and build stuff for us for free.”
Suit 2: “For free?”
Suit 1: “Yup. We open up our data and then they can build tools that will enrich our platform, all at no cost to us.”
Suit 2: “That’s AMAZING. How do you get them to do it?”
Suit 1: “You just, idk, you just put it out there and they come!”
Suit 2: “AMAZING!! So how are you going to pitch it?”
Suit 1: “We’re going to call them nerds!”
Suit 2: “Wait—”
Suit 1: “No really.”
Suit 2: “You think that’s a good idea?”
Suit 1: “Sure! It’ll be just like gym class in high school.”
Suit 2: “And that’s supposed to work?”
Suit 1: “Nostalgia! It’s always a winner.”

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